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Our Recent Client Successes:
 Indianapolis Property Management Rating


  •  “You guys are on the ball, as always.”

– Mike & Pam Shuta

  • We have dealt with Harvey over a period of three years in managing a rental property. We have found him to be a very straightforward, honest person to deal with. We live thousands of miles away from the rental property and he was always available to give us honest advice in dealing with the property.We would totally recommend him and his firm in managing rental property.

 – Ross and Merle Somers

  • Recently a client was referred to HPMG after being unhappy with their previous property management company.  The client had a property that he had been told was ready to rent but the property had been vacant for nearly a year.  When HPMG inspected the property, they found a filthy house with partially painted orange walls and black trim.  HPMG went to work and was able to get the house back in shape and rented in 30 days.


  • A client brought HPMG 48 properties from a lender who had foreclosed.  HPMG was able to successfully keep 20 of the current tenants, renovate the remaining properties, and fully lease the properties within 3 months.

Accolades from our Investment Clients:

  • “After experiencing property managers in five US states and overseas, I see Harvey Property Management as the best I have ever worked with.  I suspect you are one of the best in the nation.”
  • “You’re a champion. Thanks so much [for] high efficiency.”
  • “Yes, I am happy. You are probably the best [Property Manager] I have encountered.”
  • “Looks like a great result with the monthly rent higher than expected.”
  • “Thank you for a most informative and educational weekend. [We[ really appreciate all the time you spent with us and all the knowledge you shared. Having been small business owners we know how valuable a day or 2 out of the office is. Hopefully this is the first of many trips to Indianapolis and the beginning of long and mutually beneficial relationship for us.”
  • “Today I had the good fortune to…access your wonderful Portal.  Now I believe I have all the information I need and then some. You do a great job of managing things.”
  • “Just wanted to say thank you for the great job you and your team are doing managing my property. It is very much appreciated.”
  • “I’m finally starting to see some positive numbers appearing on the records. I appreciate the services you’ve done for me by the way.”
  • “Thanks very much for everything this year for both me and my Dad. We appreciate your professionalism and advice. It finally feels like I am moving forward with my property and hopefully it will continue to perform going forward.”
  • “I very much appreciate everything you are doing [to find a tenant for an unoccupied unit].”
  • “Thanks for all the good work on your end. Looks like we will be able to head into 2015 with a nice clean slate.”
  • “Thanks Harvey happy to follow your recommendation.”  (From a client with a non-paying tenant)
  • “BTW,  *excellent* job getting the tenant to catch up on a bunch of back rent!!!”
  • “I was chatting with someone today…It was then I realized how much you’ve done to get [the property] running. I so appreciate that the work was paid by you and you trusted us enough to wait for reimbursement via rent. Thanks!”
  • “Thank you for doing such an awesome job!”
  • “Hi Harvey. Thanks for being honest…”
  • “Thank you, Harvey. As per usual, you are very fast and professional. Pleasure working with you.”
  • “Worth every dime paid to you and more. Thank you.”
  • “I want to let you know what a pleasure it is working with you on the management of our property. You are easily accessible and willing to take the time to answer questions and work with us. Those are important characteristics that are hard to find in today’s business world.”
  • “Three years Harvey has been looking after our stuff.  My experience has been one of relief after bad  dealings with two previous managers. We live in Australia & value Harvey’s wealth of experience. We defer to him when needing advice. Harvey inherited a mess caused by previous mismanagement. He has stoically waded through it to return our 3 properties there to profitability. His knowledge of Section 8 matters has been of great help as well as his local knowledge …we can’t put a price on that being vulnerable to the tyranny of distance.”
  • “I like it more and more being in business with you.”
  • “Thank you for constant support and the latest updates.”
  • From a client who purchased a home prior to being an HPMG client: “Wish I never bought this home!  Anyway, at least I am glad that you are looking after it :)”
  • “Thanks for the good news & other good work!”
  • “Thanks, Harvey, for this great service”
  • “You…are such great people. So glad to deal with…you. 😉
  • “Such a relief to have you taking care of business!”
  • “Thank you for your attention to detail; impressive given you have 400 properties to worry about.”
  • “I cannot get the contractor to return my call to get that gutter work done. I guess I yield back to you to make sure we get it done before the next inspection. Thanks for letting me try though.”
  •  Client: “I saw the work order on the repairs [in HARVEY’s online system for owners]. I assume you will take care of this and let me know the cost? Thanking you in advance.”
    HARVEY: “Actually I just looked and this is under warranty from the contractor who did the turnover repairs.”
    Client: “That is even better yet…good job” 
  • “I just want to say that I really appreciate everything you’ve done to date in resolving these issues. It certainly wasn’t easy and at no time did you threaten to walk away from it which always gave me peace of mind. So a big thank you. “
  • “Thank you very much for your outstanding effort.”
  • “Please know how much we have appreciated your help this year. It hasn’t been as smooth sailing as we would have liked but it looks like we are on the home stretch! Thank you for all your assistance thus far. “
  • “I  am very at ease having with  your team manage my Indy properties.”
  • “Thanks for giving me the good news on a Saturday night.  I really appreciate it.”
  • “Wow, you are fast on the draw in responding to clients!  Take the afternoon off, you work too hard.”
  • “It’s nice doing business with you. I can refer more buyers your way.”
  • “Thanks SOOOOOOOOOO much for this.  I am glad that I do not have to worry about this.  I am glad that all your systems are working efficiently and I am so happy that you are looking after my property.”
  • “I just wanted to email you to give praise and thanks.  I constantly get good feedback from clients about you and how good you are to work with.  Thanks for that and keep it up!”
  • “Harvey took time to meet with us at each place & we enjoyed dinner together.  There were some issues at [one of our properties].  The last tenant left over was evicted this week.  Place is a wreck but with Harvey and [his staff] it’s already under control.  You have good people in them both & it’s very reassuring to leave our investments in Harvey’s hands up there.  I know you’ll be picking up more Aussie investors & it’s crucial to have people like Harvey to pass them on to.”
Heartwarming Notes from our Tenants:
  • “I  would like to take this time to send a note of appreciation to Harvey with Harvey Property.  Harvey is a wonderful individual that has shown his best interest and concern with his tenants.  It is very rare these days that you meet someone in reality that cares.  So I would like to say, Harvey: ‘you are appreciated and I with they made more just like you.’  Thanks for all that you do.”
  • “I  am one of your tenants.  I live at [one of your properties] and I really appreciate what you have done in such a short amount of time.  By you doing all that you have done it makes me want to stay here and forth an effort to make a home.  Words  cannot express how how we feel.  Thank you so much for caring.”

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